How can I assist students with a transcript request in the Failed state?

There are two general error types for transcript requests: 1) information mismatch and 2) data format. The student will receive an email explaining the error and the action they should take.  If they come to you with questions, here are some details to assist.

Two General Error Types

1. Information Mismatch
The first type of error is because the information provided for the request doesn't match what is in the PowerSchool record of the student. You should compare the information used to request the transcript to what is in PowerSchool. Last name, Date of birth, Gender, and NC Student ID are the fields that must match exactly including spacing, capitalization, and punctuation. You can see these details in the Transcript Tracking report. Have the student correct the error in a new request.
Tip: high school graduates who have married and changed their names often forget that they need to use their name just as it was at the time of high school graduation (in PowerSchool).
2. Data Format
The second type of error is caused by a data formatting error within the student's PowerSchool record. Begin by checking the student's PowerSchool record for any data that could have been entered improperly. Text in a numerical field, illegal characters (`,&,^,\,etc.), or other configuration issues could cause the problem. These issues are sometimes difficult to spot, and you might need to create a trouble ticket with PowerSchool support to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, this process can take time. If a student is close to a deadline for the transcript to be received, please recommend that the student send a paper transcript right away.
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