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The AchieveWorks® Learning & Productivity inventory on CFNC.org (formerly "Learning Style Inventory") shows students what their sensory, environmental and mindset preferences are, based on the original paper and pencil assessment developed by Dunn, Dunn, and Price.  It's written and normed specifically for students in 3rd to 12th grades.  Students receive a report that shows their 16 preferences in three categories:

  1. Sensory - auditory, kinesthetic, tactile, visual
  2. Environmental - intake, light, environment, mobility, sound, setting, time of day
  3. Mindset - teacher motivation, collaborative, structure, focus, and self-motivation



Here's a brief video overview from AchieveWorks®:


Highlighted Features in the ProTools Report for Educators:

  1. Export - Export results to Excel.
  2. Details - Click on the name of a student to view detailed results.


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Learning and Productivity 1



Highlighted Features in the ProTools Details Report for Educators:

  1. Delete Assessment - Delete this assessment to enable the student to retake.
  2. View and Print in Multiple Languages - Access print-friendly options in multiple languages.
  3. Expand Preferences Tab - Click on each of the three preferences tabs to view details.


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Learning and Productivity 2


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