Skills Matcher

Skills Matcher on gives users the opportunity to rate their expertise on different work related skills.  Once the assessment is complete, users are able to see the occupations that match best with the skills they rated as their highest as well as a list of each skill and how they rated their expertise – highest, next highest and lowest. Users can sign in to with their credentials which allows them to save their Skills Matcher results and allows professionals at connected schools and organizations to view them.  You can access Lesson Plans to help you use Skills Matcher in the classroom on the Educator Resources page on




Highlighted Features in Skills Matcher Report

  1. Search - Search based on First Name, Last Name, or Date Completed.
  2. Export - Use the export feature to create a spreadsheet of users and their results for your school or organization.
  3. Links - Click on Matching Careers to view related careers on


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Skills Matcher Report


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