Duplicate Accounts

Sometimes users may accidentally create multiple CFNC accounts (usernames and passwords). This can lead to issues such as:

  • Users logging in and not finding what they had previously saved.  This might be because they have been saving information in two different accounts.
  • Users having difficulty logging into CFNC.org and they think they've forgotten their password.  This can happen because they are using a password associated with a different account they've created.

If you are helping a user and suspect they might have duplicate accounts, you can assist by searching for other usernames they might have previously created.  Users can then use the online account recovery tools in the Log In section of CFNC.org to recover their password.


Highlighted Features in Duplicate Accounts Report

  1. Search by Graduation Year - You can leave the default (All Years) or select a specific graduation year to narrow your search.  Graduation Year is selected by the user in their CFNC.org account.
  2. Search - Search by name or username for possible duplicates.
  3. Export - Export the list to an Excel spreadsheet.
  4. Last Login - Knowing when they last logged in with that Account Name/User Name can help you guide them about which account they might want to use in the future.  Please note that sorting by columns in Duplicate Accounts does not change the grouped item order, in this case students, but it will sort the information inside each student grouping.


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Duplicate Accounts Report



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