What's New in ProTools


The all-new CFNC Professional Tools has been built using modern technology that provides a more user-friendly interface coordinated with last fall’s updates to CFNC.org. This new technology offers a foundation for future enhancements, allowing future phases of ProTools to continue to evolve to meet your career and college planning program needs. 

New user management functionality eliminates the need for PAAK codes and allows users to access ProTools via their CFNC.org account. ProTools also provides new features for school and district-level administrators to view data, manage users, and control permissions.


What hasn't changed? You can still:

  • Track applications for admission and electronic high school transcripts sent through CFNC
  • Check to see if your students have completed the North Carolina Residency Determination Service
  • Assist students in completing the FAFSA by accessing data from the US Department of Education about your students’ submission status and possible errors (for authorized users only)
  • Find students, create groups, identify duplicate accounts, and assist students in resetting their CFNC.org passwords
  • Create bulk CFNC.org accounts on behalf of your students






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